About This Webinar

Group MA, or EGWP (Employer Group Waiver Plans), is often an untapped market within a comprehensive Medicare Advantage (MA) and senior market strategy for many health plans. Group Retiree Coverage has increased its growth by 6.1% since 2016, and we believe EGWP will show steady growth for many years to come.

In this webinar, we will review the current state of the two basic categories of EGWP, the “800 series” EGWPs and the Direct Contact EGWPs (“E contracts”), the challenges you may face, and what capabilities you can leverage to ensure your growth and success in the EGWP space.

Join Tom Pelegrin, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Ameerah Murray-Whitaker, Vice President of Product Service & Delivery, and HealthScape Advisors' Cary Badger, Principal, as they discuss the following topics:

      • The current state of Employer Group Waiver Plans
      • What to take into consideration since the onset of COVID-19 
      • The return on your investment into an EGWP program
      • How EGWP can be flexible and configurable
      • What it takes to administer EGWP and be successful
      • and much more...

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