A Rapid Change To Business Processes Should Not Impact Your Clients

How COVID-19 Changed the Health Operations Landscape

Establish the framework.

  • Update crisis response business contingency plan

  • Rollout a comprehensive remote work initiative, complete with mass distribution of work-at-home kits

  • Develop new tools for workforce management, and quality and productivity tracking

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Establish Framework
Data Protection

Ensure data protection.

Require employee acceptance of, and adherence to, administrative security controls for client and customer data.

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And more.

When the novel coronavirus arrived in the U.S. in early 2020, Convey immediately identified the need to transition to a remote workforce. Despite being governed by healthcare privacy laws and security standards, the company was highly successful in launching a work from home employee initiative in record time without any gap in its services to Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. Convey’s ability to quickly adapt to a pressing challenge resulted in positive outcomes in service level performance, client satisfaction, employee productivity, and employee attrition.

In this white paper, we illustrate:

  • how we rapidly implemented changes to business processes as we knew them

  • our establishment of a remote workforce framework that ensured client data was consistently protected and safeguarded

  • the success we encountered through effective leadership, action, teamwork, and communication